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Tumblr was on the news this morning. They said that Tumblr is a bad place because it ‘promotes self harm’ they said because of the whole thigh gap thing going on. They said that Tumblr only has skinny, almost anorexic girls. Please, we’re all obsessed with bands, food, porn, and gay fictional couples.

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If anything tumblr does is make people feel better about themselves

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Tara and Dawn

#Tara is the only person who gave a shit about Dawn in season six #and I will always adore her for that #even when she was going through some awful stuff in her own life #she still made time for Dawnie #and she walked away when Willow refused to listen to her #she got out of that relationship because it was becoming poisonous and unfair to her #but when Willow changed she accepted her back with open arms #I love Tara a lot ok? #she was the one character who never did a single thing to make me mad at her #ever (via enigmaticagentalice)

#this is exactly how i feel about tara  #fuck i love her  #she and dawn had one of my favourite relationships in the entire fucking show  #look at tara’s face in the first gif where she refuses to tell glory who the key is  #even though she knows that it will very likely result in her death  #and dawn  #god poor dawnie  #when dawn refuses to leave her body  #because she didn’t want to leave her alone  #HELP THIS SHOW IS STILL GIVING ME FEELS (via emilianadarling)

#FAVORITE (platonic) RELATIONSHIP ON THE SHOW  #THEY JUST UGH  #no one pays any attention to Dawn most of the time  #and Tara makes sure to be there for her  #in a sweet caring motherly sort of way  #I knew Dawn’s reactions to Seeing Red would be the best  #and they WERE  #I cried  #I didn’t cry at Willow’s  #and no one else was bothered enough  #but Dawn in the freaking last gif  #JHFGF (via theoncomingwolf)

#buffy found joyce  #and dawn found tara  #fuck the painful parallels (via whiteknightswan)

#allthesehashtagsarehardtoread #theuaregivingmeaheadache

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